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Navigating your way through the Quran can proof to be cumbersome task. However, such task can be simplified by way of narrowing down your search categories to manage a meaningful research outcome.

This section of our website will provide you with such tools that will enable you to search the Quran easily by chapter utilizing any of the following search criteria:

Chapter (Sura) name and number – from a pull down menu

Narrations – this selection will enable you to show the Quranic text in a selected translation

Abrogated – list of any cancelled (abrogated) verses in a particular chapter and a reference to the verse(s) which abrogated it

Repeated – a list of all references were a particular verse was repeated in other parts of the Quran

Errors – a reference on any factual, historical, or grammatical errors at a particular verse

Comments – this section will allow you to comment on any of the findings under the search categories or to comment on input from others

Search Criteria – This search field will allow you to search the Quran for certain words utilizing all the other search criteria

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